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There was a time when it was relatively easy to satisfy customers; you simply gave them what they wanted, when they wanted it, at a fair price.

Well, sadly those days are gone. In today’s competitive business environment, customers want more, a lot more!

In recent years, the term “customer satisfaction” has evolved to infer that you must leave your customer elated in order for them to feel truly “satisfied.” Give them what they want, and they will be content. However, if you strive to give them more than expected, you will leave them totally and completely satisfied!

The wonderful thing about satisfying customers is that their satisfaction often translates into big business. Customer satisfaction is the new “gift that keeps on giving.”

For instance, on average, satisfied customers do some fairly desirable things such as:

1. Submit “outstanding” customer survey ratings, when polled – YES!

2. Tell others about their wonderful experience – which is invaluable in today’s social environment.

3. Become repeat customersincreasing sales and decreasing your estimated marketing budget.

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