Karlsrule Consulting LLC

Institute of Business and Leadership Development

(KC-IBLD) Business Accelerator Program


What is is KC-IBLD Business Accelerator Program?

A new, innovative program designed to enable potential and new business owners to reach the next level of success. We provide a comprehensive business development program that ensures that our members have a solid foundation on which to build their business.

Specifically, we provide a forum for professional growth and development and assist our members in the following ways:

• Comprehensive business fundamentals and business expansion training customized to suit your individual needs.
• Temporary office space – including private offices, co-working spaces, a training room, and conference space.
• Networking opportunities with community leaders and other supporters who are dedicated to helping you reach your maximum potential.
• Low cost, one-on-one business consulting services designed to help you overcome barriers to success.
• Financial support to help you reach your entrepreneurial goals.
• Administrative support and guidance to assist you on your journey.